Fuzzy logic


Simple modeling of the complexity of the real world

Fuzzy logic is one of the techniques of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) that formalizes simply and intuitively the complex systems.

Its development was justified by the limitations of the traditional Boolean logic to represent uncertainties of the real world and by the fact that a too precise description of knowledge is often useless, even penalizing …

Thus, the perception of a human being is based only on a vague description of the surrounding world. This remark is also applicable to the piloting of the complex technical processes for which the empirical know-how of the operators can prove to be much more effective than the exploitation of a rigorous mathematical model.

Systems of fuzzy rules of the type "If ... then ..." are used to model knowledge and reasoning. They allow the description of complex processes with very few rules and their writing in a natural language makes them easily understandable.

The determination of the systems of fuzzy rules is done with learning algorithms exploiting the information contained in the data bases.



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